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“Most of us recall having sung in our various shul choirs in the diaspora of our youth, when living in Israel was, at best, just a distant dream...“

The new choir -   a real 'kibbutz galuyot'

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Yom Ha'atzmaut was  an example of harmonious singing of a choir enhancing our t'fillot and bringing us together from the heart. Much work went into the formation of the choir, the first results were heard, felt, and appreciated. The response of the community was most encouraging.

So how did this all begin?

Almost a year ago, in 2017, at the conclusion of a regular Shabbat Musaf service, our chairman Jeremy Rosenstein put forward the suggestion of forming a shul choir, appealing to all those interested to come forward. Just weeks later a slightly sceptical, culturally diverse group met in the shul hall with the intention of forming a viable shul choir. Though diverse in country of origin, we quickly realised we have a common language - a love of music - and have since continued to practice on a regular basis to establish the very first McDonald International Shul Choir. In our Ashkenazi tradition,

a shul choir was always considered a great asset,  bringing inspiration and reverence to services such as Shabbat Mevarechin, Yom Hashoa, and Yom Ha'atzmaut. It is for these occasions and others that our choir is training.

A joint choir – an expression of unity within the community.

Our choir includes members of McDonald International and Young Israel , shuls – an expression of unity within the community. We currently number about 17 members and are happy to welcome new members!