The Henry Koor Judaica Library is here for your pleasure, edification and spirituality.

About the Henry Koor Judaica Library

The HKJL houses a large collection of English Language books and audio material of both Jewish and secular interest. Topics range from translations of classical texts to literature, novels, Israel, history, biography and more. The Library is a lending library operated by a volunteer staff. It serves not only the McDonald International Shul (New Synagogue), in which it is housed, but also the entire community. Library patrons can borrow up to 4 books for 4 weeks. Family membership costs 50 NIS/ year; sponsor membership of 100 NIS entitles the patron to free admission to library lectures.

Library hours

Sunday 4:30 – 7 pm

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9:30 am – 12 noon

or by appointment


Wednesday closed, except before and after library lectures


Tel. 09 884 0458    email:


New in the library

The library web page, including “Book of the Month”

An ongoing book sale in the back of the library.

Once a week the library is open in the evening to enable working and busy people to visit the library.