McDonald International Shul registered as New Synagogue of Netanya is an Amuta (charity) no 58000672 under the name of

בית הכנסת – מרכז קהילתי ע”ש גולדשט”ן


The McDonald International Shul is administered by a Board, comprising a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, honorary Treasurer, honoarary Secretary, two Gabaim and twelve members, elected at the Annual General Meeting.

Men and women serve on the Board.

The Gabaim are responsible for the organisation of the synagogue services.

At the AGM the Chairman and the honorary Treasurer deliver reports, and audited accounts are presented for the approval of the members.

The Social Hall

The Social Hall is an ideal venue for events with seatings up to 150 people.

The Office

Office hours:   Mo-Thurs 8:30 – 11 am. Phone during office hours: +972 9 861 4591

The shul accepts credit card payments – an easy way to make your donations and other payments.

The Secretary manages the day-to-day running of the community.  All enquiries for bookings of the shul and hall for events, kiddushim, seudot shlishit, lectures and smachot should be made either through the web site contact page, by email or at the  office, which is also available for all general enquiries.

Jeremy Rosenstein is the always smiling chairman of the McDonald International Shul. He has turned the shul into a modern international orthodox community with members from over 20 countries.

Laura Shuck is the Managing Secretary and has worked for the shul since 1995.  She is available during office hours.

Moshe is our indefatigable maintenance man and ensures that every aspect of the complex is in good, clean and working order.