Welcome to McDonald International Shul

Orthodox Ashkenazi Community Netanya

Yom Kippur Times:

Erev Yom Kippur
Sunday 24 September:
06:10/07:15 - Shacharit
13:05 - Mincha
18:14 - Fast begins
18:14 - Candle Lighting
18:30 - Kol Nidre
Yom Kippur
Monday 25 September:
08:00 - Shacharit
11:15 approx - Yizkor
16:25 - Mincha
17:55 - Neila
19:12- Fast ends

Weekday Service Times:

Tuesday - Thursday
26 - 28 September:
06:25, 07:25 - Shacharit
18:15 - Mincha
18:50 - Arvit

Succot Times:

Friday 29 September:
06:30, 07:30 - Shacharit
18:07 - Candle Lighting
18:20 - Mincha
30 September:
08:30 - Shacharit
18:00 - Mincha
19:05- Shabbat & chag end

About the McDonald International Shul


The McDonald International Shul is an orthodox, English-speaking, Ashkenazi community with members from all over the world. We are located in the heart of North Netanya, Israel’s Riviera, just minutes from Kikar Ha’atzmaut (Independence Square) and close to many popular hotels. Our community was established in 1973 by a group of new olim who sought to create a community experience based on traditions found throughout the diaspora. In the footsteps of our founders, we continue to provide a familiar and friendly environment where everyone, resident or guest, feels welcome.

Weekly Parshat HaShavua

Weekly Newsletter

Celebrating an event? Commemorating a Yahrzeit?

Our gabbaim are happy to call our members and guests to the Torah for an Aliyah to celebrate a simcha or honor a loved one. While we do our best to accommodate everyone, advanced notice helps to ensure your Aliyah. If applicable, please be sure to indicate: Cohanim or Leviim.

Contact Bernie Wolff: bernie@ceratoglobal.com