The Rosh HaShanah Magazine is now being prepared. The theme is
“Resilience – Reflections on Our Capacity to Cope & Recover”. As the Jewish New Year 5781
approaches, we look back at 5780. Pease share stories of resilience, faith, life in isolation,
community, and what we’ve learned. The final date for submission of articles, messages and
reports is 10th August.
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Wearing masks in the precints of the shul is essential

30/7/2020     Weekly Newsletter – Va’Etchanan

23/7/2020     Weekly Newsletter – Devarim

17/7/2020     Chairman’s Message – Corona update

16/7/2020     Weekly Newsletter – Matot/Masei

10/7/2020     Corona ‘Take 2’ Chairman’s Update – click here

09/7/2020     Weekly Newsletter – Pinchas

03/7/2020     Chairman’s Message – Corona update

02/7/2020     Weekly Newsletter – Balak

25/6/2020     Weekly Newsletter – Chukat

21/6/2020     Chairman’s Message – Rosh Chodesh invitation

18/6/2020     Weekly Newsletter – Korach

11/6/2020     Weekly Newsletter – Sh’lach-lecha

04/6/2020     Weekly Newsletter – Beha’alotecha

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Library hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings from 9:30 am until noon.

Closed on Tisha B’Av Thursday 30th July

The Library will remain open throughout August this year 

Summer break:

Rabbi Katz’s shiurim will resume in Elul

Tuesday’s Matan Shiurim will resume after the summer


Coronavirus – the following shiurim are cancelled until further notice:
Matan’s Ivrit programme on Wednesdays
Rabbi Shloush’s shiurim on Thursdays

The Maggid Shiurim of McDonald’s are

Rabbi Raphael Katz
Rabbi Katz’s Shiurim on Zoom can be accessed at Meeting I.D. 4806088269 Password 8RXUmm.

Rav Barak Shloush

Rabbi Baruch Taub
If you wish to attend Rabbi Taub’s shiurim on Zoom, please contact David Feiler,

Rabbi Eliahou Touitou
If you wish to attend Rabbi Touitou’s shiur on Zoom, please contact Jacques Korolnyk,

Gina Junger
If you wish to attend Gina Junger’s shiur on Zoom, please contact Doreen Usden, 

 Thu 30 July – Wed 5 August 

Mazal Tov to

Madeleine & Charles Golding on the birth of a grandson

Refua Shlema to

Al Dubinsky (אברהם ישראל בן ליבא)

Peter Olswang (פסח נחמן בן ליבה רודה)

Warren Cohen (זאב שמואל הכהן בן דובה)

Rachel Walters (רחל בת גולדה)

Aziza Mergy (עזיזה בת נחמה)

Yosef Shinar (יוסף בן בלס בריינה)

Yahrzeits this week.

We wish long life to:

Valerie Baum

Gloria Cohen

iz (Fried) Fishman

Anne-Marie Geller

Shashi Ishai

Miryam Mashiah

Jessel Sundy

Hillel Walters

All events are cancelled until further notice