Welcome – ברוכים הבאים

In line with the new rules of the Israeli Health Ministry, the Shul will not be open on Friday evening or Shabbat. There will be services outside in the amphitheatre and/or between the Shul and the Social Hall.  

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Wearing masks in the precincts of the shul is essential


The Henry Koor Judaica Library hopes to reopen on October 20  and be open Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 9:30 a.m. – 12 noon

Times are subject to change in accordance with Health Ministry rules


Shabbat   שבת מברכים  /פרשת בראשית        כ”ט תשרי תשפ”א


 Thu 15 Oct – Wed 21 Oct

Mazal Tov to

Rennie Swirski on the marriage of her granddaughter, Raya to Niria

Karen & Charlie Sacofsky on the engagement of their daughter, Adina to Aaron Schneider

Roseruth & Alan Webber on the Barmitzvah of her great-grandson

Refua Shlema to

Stephanie Portnoy (שרה בת רבקה), 

Peter Olswang (פסח נחמן בן ליבה רודה),    

Warren Cohen (זאב שמואל הכהן בן דובה)  

Rachel Walters (רחל בת גולדה) 

Aziza Mergy  (עזיזה בת נחמה) 

Yosef Shinar (יוסף בן בלס בריינה).

Yahrzeits this week.

We wish long life to:

Michael Bliss

Trudy Coleman

David Finn

Bernard Klein

Helen Kohn

Jurgen Konigshofer

Evelyn Leff

Stephen Pearlman

Arthur Rosenstein

Yosef Shinar

Alex Steinberg

All events are cancelled until further notice