Latest Chairman’s Corona message 15/11/2020. Click here to open

Services are taking place indoors in line with the current Health Ministry instructions.

Masks MUST be worn and social distance must be kept in the precincts of the Shul.

The Henry Koor Judaica Library (09 884 0458) hopes to reopen shortly

The hours: Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays from 9:30 a.m. to 12 noon

Times are subject to change in accordance with Health Ministry rules

Shabbat פרשת ויצא       י”ב כסלו תשפ”א

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Rabbi Raphael Katz
Rabbi Baruch Taub
Rabbi Eliahou Touitou
Gina Junger

 Thu 26 Nov – Wed 2 Dec

Refua Shlema to

Brenda Bliss (ברנדל בת מלכה) 

Warren Cohen (זאב שמואל הכהן בן דובה)  

Aziza Mergy  (עזיזה בת נחמה) 

Yosef Shinar (יוסף בן בלס בריינה).

Yahrzeits this week.

We wish long life to:

Bernard Chazan

Minnie Goldman

Freda Handler

Anita Hochstein

Elkan Levy

Sara J. Rosenstein

Jack Weinberg