We support our members in mourning by attending the funeral, visiting and attending services at the Shiva house, and assisting with meals. The following set of guidelines includes important information, telephone numbers and helpful explanations.


Important Phone Numbers 

Rabbi Katz: 054 767 3421

Synagogue Office: 09 861 4591

Synagogue Secretary, Laura Shuck: 052 483 3659

If you are unable to contact the office or Rabbi Katz, please call the Chairman, Jeremy Rosenstein at 052 428 7401.



For questions regarding rituals, halacha and customs, please consult with Rabbi Katz. For more information, books on mourning laws and customs are available in the shul library.

Confirmation of Death:

At Home

Call the ambulance – Magen David Adom – 101.

Hatzola medics on motor bikes, who work with MDA, often arrive first. The ambulance crew will examine the person and try to revive them. When death is confirmed, they will call the police to certify there are no criminal causes and issue a burial permit.The medic issues the death certificate. No action can be taken until the death certificate and burial permit are issued.

On Weekdays

Call Rabbi Katz 054 767 3421

The shul office 09 861 4591 or

Laura at home 052 483 3659

On Shabbat or Chag

Call the non-Jewish ambulance service of Laniado Hospital 050 930 2121

They will transport the deceased to the hospital mortuary. The charge for this service is covered by Bituach Leumi.

After Shabbat or Chag

After Shabbat or Chag, call Rabbi Katz. Please wait a full hour after Shabbat before making funeral arrangements.

Cohanim – if a death has occurred at home and you know that there are Cohanim in your building, it is customary to notify them.

In Hospital or Care Facility

On Weekdays

The hospital will issue a death certificate.

Call Rabbi Katz 054 767 3421 or the shul office 09 861 4591

See below for funeral arrangements.

On Shabbat or Chag

The deceased will be transported to the hospital mortuary.

After Shabbat or Chag

As above



Please call Rabbi Katz in any of the following circumstances:

– a relative from overseas is to be buried in Netanya;

– a mourner has to travel to Israel for the funeral and shiva;

– the deceased and the burial are abroad, but the family member will not travel and must make shiva arrangements in Israel.

Funeral Arrangements

R’ Yossi Shtiglitz will make all arrangements, including: providing the Chevra Kadisha vehicle to remove the deceased; the completion of all required paperwork for the Chevra Kadisha and Ministry of Health (Misrad Habriut); and assistance in planning the funeral. He is an English speaker. The charge for his service is NIS 450.

If you wish to use his services, [recommended] he can be reached at 052 264 6251.

Please inform Rabbi Katz and the shul office regarding the time of the funeral.

If you choose to manage all the arrangements directly, the following information will be needed:

Chevra Kadisha 09 833 3419; who will take the deceased from the home.

Visit the Ministry of Health Office (Misrad Habriut), 23 Weizmann, Netanya,
8 am – 3 pm with the relevant papers. 09 830 0111

Visit the Chevra Kadisha Office, 12 Rehov Petach Tikva, Netanya, for funeral arrangements.


Surviving Spouse

If the surviving spouse wishes to reserve a future space in a double burial plot (one above the other), please inform R’ Shtiglitz immediately. The current cost is NIS 6,056. The current cost for a plot next to the spouse is NIS 27,300.


Disabled Mourners

If any mourners are disabled, please inform R’ Shtiglitz to arrange for burial near a path with wheelchair access.


Bus to the Cemetery

Please notify the shul office to assist with arrangements for bus service to and from the cemetery. The cost is approximately NIS 1000. Payment can be made to the shul after the shiva.


Funeral Notices

The synagogue will send out a funeral and shiva notice by e-mail to the congregation as soon as the secretary has received the information. Notice will also be sent to Young Israel of North Netanya.



Information about the deceased should be provided to Rabbi Katz for hesped. Please let the rabbi know who else will be eulogising. There are days in the Jewish calendar (such as Chol Hamo’ed) where it is not customary to make hespedim at the funeral. Please check with Rabbi Katz.


Shiva Chairs

The shul will provide and deliver shiva chairs, siddurim, a portable ark and Sefer Torah to the shiva house. It is customary to have a tzedaka box available. If there are not enough men to make up a minyan during the shiva, please inform the Rabbi and the office so that a rota can be arranged to guarantee a minyan.


Meals for the Mourners

The family will be contacted by the shul meals’ coordinator with regard to the need for meals to be supplied.



There are a number of stone masons for gravestones, matzeivot, in the Netanya area.

The text on the stone can be in English. Please consult the Rabbi for the format of the Gregorian date, and for the timing and procedure of the stone-setting.

Please inform the shul office to notify the community.