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Like all good thiller games you begin terrified of the everything in the world but by the end your much more comfortable and feel a great sense of progression. Combat can take a little get used to, you need to learn your weapons and eminems attack speed etc. Resource management and being prepared is a big key to survival. Throw in insane levels of atmosphere and storytelling and ye have Darkwood.


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The Nintendo Switch port of Darkwood has had plenty of patches and support from the developer right up to the point of its release, and these updates have helped improve its overall performance. However, there are still a few technical problems, such as seemingly inexplicable periods of slowdown and the game’s physics often playing by a series of ever-changing rules. When items you’re trying to drag or interact with fail to respond, it can get very frustrating – especially when you’re trying to defend your ramshackle home in the dead of night.

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The one unfortunate problem with the console versions is that they’re being released just as summertime gets into gear, when clearly the best way to play it would have been on a cold winter’s night. Darkwood is a horror game, but one very different to the zombie-fighting norm. It has elements of survival gameplay and normal combat but since the true evils of the forest only come out at night there’s also lots of quieter moments where you’re exploring and interacting with other people. It was inevitable that Darkwood would be compared to similar open-world survival games like the Burtonesque Don’t Starve, and from a gameplay standpoint their top-down perspectives and day/night cycles are similar.

  • From its brilliant tension building, atmosphere and sense of vulnerability for the player, it has better horror elements than most AAA horror titles nowadays.
  • Granted, I’m only a few hours in (I wanted to get this published ahead of the release of Darkwood for Nintendo Switch) but I’m a believer in this title.
  • On any given day, Liam is most likely playing the latest PS4 release or hunting for a Platinum Trophy.
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  • Rather than relying on jump scares–although they are present, to a minor degree–Darkwood psychologically unhinges you.
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  • Developer Acid Wizard Studio has been making waves over on the PC for quite some time now with its top-down rougelite survival horror experience, and after playing on the PlayStation 4, we can see why.
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  • A horrifying aesthetic with spooky soundscapes plays with our instincts and terrifies the senses.
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However, the most recent iteration of this macabre indie game is unwaveringly confident in itself. Darkwood revels in its eponymous darkness–even its daytime cycles are subjected to limited visibility, courtesy of its field-of-vision illumination. The best thing about this is that it doesn’t rely on nighttime https://www.earlyaccessgaming.net/ to be scary. Even at the crack of dawn, venturing too far from your hideout can result in you coming face to face with blood-curdling, satanic sadists hellbent on mauling you to death. Darkwood is a very challenging and unforgiving top-down survival horror game in development by Acid Wizard Studio.

These niggles take the shine off what is otherwise a very assured experience, and we hope they can be ironed out over time. Darkwood is one of the most terrifying games I’ve ever played https://www.earlyaccessgaming.net/einar-and-you-have-my-axe/ as it challenges you to explore and survive a dark and twisted world. Unravelling the mysteries of the night time horrors will consume you even before you try the permadeath mode.

You’ve got to salvage things from your surroundings to create weapons and items, door barricades, traps, torches and other survival equipment. You can pimp out your shack to be more fully defended from the dreaded night visitors. You really don’t want to pass the night alone in the dark. But even if you don’t like Minecraft, consider that Darkwood for Nintendo Switch still stands on its own as a great survival horror. Fun horror game that utilises a different perspecific than most.

Developed by Acid Wizard Studio, Darkwood is an indie survival horror game set in a Soviet Bloc-cum-supernatural forest. These woods are plagued by a perpetual darkness, and even when the stars subside and the sun rises to combat the forces of night, the world is obfuscated by an eerie hue of murk and opacity.