Rabbi Katz’s career has encompassed pastoral work and the world of learning. Together with his wife Ora, they have succeeded in making the Kehilla a true family.

Our Rabbi

Rabbi Raphael Katz was appointed as Rabbi of the congregation in 2004.

He was born in South Africa. After attending the Johannesburg Yeshiva High School he came to Israel and learned for six years in the Kerem B’Yavneh Yeshiva hesder programme. He saw action in the Yom Kippur War and the “Sh’lom Hagalil” operation while serving in the Tank Corps.

He continued his rabbinical studies at Mevaseret Kollel and Yeshivat Mir in
Jerusalem and subsequently received his rabbinical diploma from the Israeli Chief Rabbinate.

Rabbi Katz’s career has alternated between pastoral work and the world of learning. He lectured at Yeshiva College in Johannesburg and then moved to Los Angeles, where he taught at the Yeshiva High school and the Kollel of Yeshiva University in that city.

In 1986, he returned to South Africa and was rabbi of the West Street Hebrew Congregation in Johannesburg, at the same time lecturing at the Yeshiva College and the Open University.

In 1994, he accepted a call to the “Tze’eerey Zion” congregation in Glenhazel, Johannes-burg, while simultaneously being head of the Kollel “Torah Mitzion” from 1998 until his return to Israel in 2002. 

Rabbi Katz returned to Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavneh as a lecturer with special responsibility for the English-speaking students from abroad.

Rabbi Katz and Rabbanit Ora have four children.

Our Rabbanit

Rebbetzin Ora Katz was born and brought up in Pretoria.  She learnt at Brovender’s and Michlala in Jerusalem. She has a degree in philosophy and in America obtained a Master’s degree in Speech Therapy, and studied in a women’s kollel.  They have four children.

The Rabbi’s world….the world of the Meforshim.