She becomes addicted to cocaine and breaks up after four years

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June 11, 2020
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June 12, 2020

She becomes addicted to cocaine and breaks up after four years

The police were on duty with a large number. Streets around the Chancellery and Reichstag were cordoned off, hotels and embassies were heavily secured.

The power struggle in Libya broke out after the overthrow of long-term ruler Muammar al-Gaddafi in 2011. In the course of a parliamentary election in 2014, the country split into two governments: one in the capital Tripoli and a counter-government in Tobruk in the east.

The background was that the alliance Fajr Libia (“Libya’s Dawn”), which was dominated by Islamist forces and former rebels, refused to recognize his electoral defeat and seized power in Tripoli. The newly elected parliament, however, moved to the east and also claimed power. The current government of Prime Minister Al-Sarradsch began work in Tripoli in 2016. It came about as a result of an agreement on power-sharing in Libya under UN mediation.

Merkel was confident that the planned ceasefire in Libya would now hold. It is not easy to guarantee that this is 100 percent the case. But there is a “” chance that this ceasefire will hold “”. Maas emphasized that it is important that the body, to which both sides are to send five participants each, now discuss the requirements for a permanent ceasefire.

According to Merkel, the invitation for a first meeting of this round should be sent out in the coming week. Merkel said that there was no discussion of sanctions should the arms embargo continue to be violated. But actors who break the embargo should be named more clearly in the future.

The civil war in Libya threatens to escalate dramatically. Numerous international actors are already involved in the conflict. Now Turkey is officially sending troops to the North African country.

Turkey – Erdogan announced that it will send troops to Libya

Erdogan announced sending troops to Libya

Turkey has agreed to send troops to Libya to help the government there in the fight against rebels. President Erdogan said this on Tuesday.more

The Turkish parliament has approved the sending of troops to Libya, a country with civil war. In a special session on Thursday, a majority of 325 MPs voted in favor of a government motion to give President Recep Tayyip Erdogan a mandate to send soldiers to the crisis-ridden North African state. 184 parliamentarians voted against.

With the military intervention, Erdogan wants to support the internationally recognized government in Tripoli, which is fighting a power struggle with the influential General Chalifa Haftar. US President Donald Trump warned the Turkish head of state against military intervention in Libya. A “” foreign interference “” complicates the situation on the ground, said Trump in a telephone conversation with Erdogan.

The clear vote of the Turkish MPs was expected because Erdogan’s government alliance has a majority in parliament.conclusion for to kill a mockingbird essay on prejudice With the mandate, Erdogan is now entitled to “” decide on the “” limit, extent, quantity and time “” of the deployment, “” to carry out military operations and interventions, if necessary “”. It was initially unclear when Erdogan would use the permit.

The Libyan parliament warned Turkey that military intervention would be “high treason”, said Ehmajed Huma, vice-president of the elected parliament in Benghazi on Thursday. This supports General Haftar. The UN and the international community must “” meet their responsibility and prevent Turkey from intervening in the military, Huma told the AFP news agency.

Adventure with an uncertain outcome

After a total of three invasions in Syria, Turkey is embarking on its next foreign policy adventure. Turkey is concerned with influence in the region, but also with natural gas reserves in the Mediterranean.

Civil war chaos has raged in Libya since the overthrow of long-term ruler Muammar al-Gaddafi in 2011. Haftar controls with his self-appointed Libyan National Army (LNA) areas in the east of the country, but wants power over the whole country. Last year he launched an attack on Tripoli, where the government of Prime Minister Fajis al-Sarradsch sits. This is supported by local militias, but has so far hardly been able to expand its power beyond the capital.

Numerous international powers are involved in the conflict. The government in Tripoli is supported by Turkey, Qatar and Italy, General Haftar by Russia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). There are also allegations against France of supporting Haftar.

According to experts, the conflict is already being carried out on both sides with the help of foreign mercenaries. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights assumes that around 300 Syrian militiamen supported by Turkey are already in Libya. The Turkish government has not yet commented on the allegation.

As in Syria, Turkey and Russia support different parties. Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin is expected in Istanbul next Wednesday, and Libya and Syria will certainly be high on the agenda. Erdogan discussed the situation in the two civil war countries with US President Donald Trump on Thursday. The Turkish Ministry of Communications announced that the two had also agreed to strengthen their cooperation.

Turkish interests in the Mediterranean and North Africa

Erdogan said last week that he was acting at the invitation of Al-Sarradsch, who had asked him to send troops. In front of the parliament, the government also justified the military operation with Turkey’s interests in the Mediterranean region and North Africa. According to the draft mandate, these would be threatened by the worsened situation in Libya.

In fact, Erdogan is keen to keep Al-Sarradsch in power. In the dispute over natural gas reserves in the Mediterranean, Turkey feels excluded from other neighboring countries such as Greece and is therefore forging its own alliances. In November, Al-Sarradsch and Erdogan signed agreements which, in addition to military cooperation, also define maritime borders in the Mediterranean. Turkey is thus laying claim to areas near the Greek island of Crete, where rich natural gas reserves are suspected.

In his New Year’s address, Erdogan said that the agreements had thwarted “” projects aimed at completely excluding Turkey from the Mediterranean region.

With drones and snipers: Erdogan and Putin are fighting for power in Libya “” Significant escalation “” of the conflict: Erdogan applies for military operation in Libya Turkey between Lira crisis and Syrian war: Erdogan has bad cards

Germany is planning a conference on Libya in Berlin at the beginning of the year in order to bring the most important international actors around the table. However, the Libya expert Wolfram Lacher from the Science and Politics Foundation (SWP) in Berlin believes that the Europeans no longer have any influence on developments. It is a “” war on Europe’s doorstep, driven by far-away powers such as Russia and the Emirates.

Sources used: news agencies dpa, AFP

A civil war has raged in Libya for eight years. Merkel and Erdogan only exchanged views on the conflict on Sunday. Now the Turkish President wants to come to Germany for talks.

According to Turkish media reports, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will travel to Germany on Sunday for Libya talks. The broadcaster CNN Türk reported that Erdogan will take part in the so-called Berlin Trial on January 19. As part of this process, Germany has been planning a conference in Berlin for a long time to bring the most important international actors in the Libya conflict to one table.

The Turkish media reports ran among others on the state broadcaster TRT. Merkel and Erdogan had only spoken on the phone on Sunday evening about the situation in Libya, a country in civil war in North Africa. A ceasefire proposed by Turkey and Russia came into force there on Sunday night. Representatives of the conflicting parties are to meet in Moscow during the day.

The government is not yet committed

For the time being, the federal government left open the exact time for the summit meeting planned by Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin. There are also corresponding plans for the coming Sunday, but he cannot officially announce the date at the moment, said government spokesman Steffen Seibert, “” the preparations for such a conference are in progress. It should definitely take place here in Berlin in January. “”

The Chancellor and Foreign Minister Heiko Maas had already had a number of talks and would continue to do so, said Seibert. The federal government will immediately inform the public of the date and details as soon as the preparations for the meeting have been completed.

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Civil war has been raging in Libya since the overthrow of long-term ruler Muammar al-Gaddafi in 2011. The influential General Khalifa Haftar is fighting for power with the internationally recognized government of Prime Minister Fajis al-Sarradsch. Turkey, which supports Al-Sarradsch, recently sent soldiers to Libya.

Sources used: dpa news agency

The Turkish Interior Ministry announced via Twitter that two “terrorist fighters” had been deported to Germany. Alleged terrorists are also said to have been sent back to other countries.

Turkey has deported a suspected supporter of the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) together with her daughter to Germany. The Turkish Ministry of the Interior wrote on Wednesday evening about two “” terrorist fighters “” with German citizenship. The ministry did not provide any more information – for example on the specific allegations.

According to information from German security circles, it is a German-Eritrean woman and her five-year-old daughter. The woman is said to have left Germany for Syria in 2014. She was reportedly taken into custody in Turkey last October. On Wednesday, mother and daughter were flown from Istanbul to Berlin. An arrest warrant against the woman is reportedly not available. Whether an investigation will be started against them is still being examined.

Turkey has been deporting people with alleged links to terrorist organizations to their home countries for a few weeks now. On October 9th, she started an offensive in the Syrian-Turkish border area against the Kurdish militia YPG, which she regards as a terrorist organization. According to official figures, 287 supporters of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist militia were arrested during the military offensive, including women and children.

18 Germans who were deported

In early December, the Interior Ministry reported that Turkey had sent 59 people back to their home countries with suspected links to terrorist organizations in around three weeks. Among them are 26 American and European citizens.

People were also deported to Germany. The state news agency Anadolu reported on Monday that a total of 71 foreign “terrorist fighters” have been deported. As a result, 18 Germans should have been among them by then.

“” Send staff there “”: Erdogan plans next war mission in North Africa After receiving the Nobel Prize: “Racist and murderer” – Erdogan attacks Peter Handke

The data from Turkey should be treated with caution because the number of children who are deported accompanied by their families is obviously included in the statistics. On Monday, Turkey reported the deportation of eleven “” terrorist fighters “” to France. They were reported to be four wives of suspected jihadists and their seven children.

Sources used: dpa news agency

In the Ruhr area she was mistreated and sent to the streets. Then the young girl from Bochum went to Syria and married an IS fighter. Now Derya became Ö. convicted as a terrorist.

A smile crosses her face when she hears the sentence: the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court imposed two years and nine months in prison on her on Tuesday. Now she is a convicted IS terrorist – but with the prospect of an early release. After three and a half hours of justifying the verdict, the time has come: Derya Ö’s arrest warrant. will be picked up in the afternoon. The 27-year-old is released because she has already served two-thirds of her sentence in Turkey and Germany.

The court credited her with not identifying ideologically with the Islamic State terrorist militia. “She only became an ISIS member to find her private happiness with Mario S.”, says the judge. In return, despite major concerns, she moved to Syria, where she had great scruples at the last moment and was literally dragged by the hair across the Turkish-Syrian border by an Islamist.

Abused, kidnapped and taken to the streets

The judge describes a life that is extremely unusual, even for IS supporters. Even in her childhood in Bochum, the accused had become a victim of her father’s violence. Then, as a minor, she is kidnapped by a pimp, locked up and sent to the street. She escapes by jumping out of the window. But soon afterwards she voluntarily started prostitution – in a brothel in Wuppertal.

She falls in love with an eleven-year-old Hells Angels rocker, moves to Duisburg, goes to work for him six days a week, and even has the rocker group’s signature “” 81 “” tattooed to keep other pimps at bay . She becomes addicted to cocaine and breaks up after four years.

She met Mario S. from Leverkusen on Facebook: “” She was impressed by the appearance of the IS fighter in uniform, “” says the judge. They were not interested in the Islamist ideology. She travels to Syria in February 2014, marries “” in full IS regalia “”. She spends her wedding night in a dirty cellar with chains on the ceiling, which was once a place of torture or slaughter.