…”for needy people” …”in loving memory of” – McDonald International Shul offers various possibilities of fulfilling the important mitzvah of helping and commemorating…

Tzedakah, does not mean charity; it means “righteousness” and “justice”. When a Jew contributes his/her money, time and resources to the needy, he/she is not being benevolent, generous or “charitable”. He/she is doing what is right and just. Tzedakah is not an option but a responsibility,  a mitzvah that every Jew is obliged to observe.

When you are called to the Torah

You might want to make a Misheberach for your loved ones and subsequently make a donation. The Gabbai will give you an envelope containing all necessary information.

The Keren Ezra charity fund of McDonald International Shul

Supporting the needy of one’s kehilla and the larger community in which we live is a positive obligation upon all Jews.

The shul set up this fund to support the disadvantaged people of the city of Netanya, either by donations or short term loans.

There are many demands upon this fund, as the city is the home of several communities of underprivileged.

A minhag in most shuls…

…is to  remember the day of Yahrzeit with a special donation. Our members respect this minhag. Their names are listed in the Weekly Newsletter.

On Yom Kippur, Succot, Pesach and Shavuot a special booklet is used containing all the Yizkor prayers

English and French translations are incorporated. At the end of the booklet we invite members and friends to list the names of their beloved relatives and friends.