About Us

The McDonald International Shul is an orthodox, English-speaking, Ashkenazi community with members from all over the world. We are located in the heart of North Netanya, Israel’s Riviera, just minutes from Kikar Ha’atzmaut (Independence Square) and close to many popular hotels.

Our community was established in 1973 by a group of new olim who sought to create a community experience based on traditions found throughout the diaspora. In the footsteps of our founders, we continue to provide a familiar and friendly environment where everyone, resident or guest, feels welcome.

We offer daily minyanim, shiurim, kiddushim, social activities and cultural programs. We cordially invite you to visit and join us.

The McDonald International Shul, registered as the New Synagogue of Netanya, is an Amuta (charity) No 58000672 under the name of בית הכנסת מרכז קהילתי ע”ש גולדשטיין.

The McDonald International Shul is administered by a Board comprising a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, honorary Treasurer, honorary Secretary, two Gabaim and twelve members, elected at the Annual General Meeting. Men and women serve on the Board.

Shul Administration

Current Chairman: Jeremy Rosenstein has served as Chairman since 2011. His dedication and leadership have enabled the modernization of our operations, continued upgrades and improvements and inclusiveness and growth throughout our minyanim with members from more than 20 countries. He has continued to support the Dor Hamshech, our Hebrew speaking minyan, and with his help, encouraged the establishment of a dynamic new Italian Beit Knesset within our facility by a group of recent immigrants from Italy.

Laura Shuck is our dedicated Managing Secretary and has worked for the shul since 1995.  She is available during office hours.

Moshe Chakimi is our indefatigable Maintenance person and ensures that every aspect of the facility is in good, clean, working order.